Network OperatorsTelcos hit back at TRAI over call drop test results

Telcos hit back at TRAI over call drop test results

The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has hit back at TRAI’s assertion that most telecom operators have failed to meet its call drop benchmark. The authority’s findings came to light recently due to its recently conducted call drop test drive in Delhi.

COAI is now questioning the authenticity of TRAI’s results. It asserts that the body has limited its testing ground to only a small portion of Delhi. In a statement, it said that the entire Delhi NCR region measures 46208 kilometer square but the evaluation only covered an area of 600 kilometer sqaure.

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According to COAI, this essentially means that these Quality of Service (QoS) results can’t be compared against the previous findings published by TRAI for the entire district. It then goes on to claim that all players in Delhi are in compliance with the 2% benchmark set by TRAI when looking at the whole LSA of Delhi.

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COAI has an explanation for the shoddy results of the recent TRAI call drop test drive as well. The body thinks the assessment was conducted in known problematic areas where the industry currently faces issues in installing new mobile towers.

COAI also pointed out that the report only found Aircel guilty of using excessive RLT (Radio Link Timeout) technology to mask call drops. As per PTI, an official source had previously asserted that it was being heavily used by network operators in India to hide dropped calls, resulting in higher bills for customers.

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