TRAI outs new DND Services app for spam calls

TRAI has launched a new DND Services app for spam calls, even as a majority of telecom operators in New Delhi have failed to meet the call drop benchmark set by it. The findings have come to light after the authority conducted its latest test drive to evaluate the quality of service (QoS) being offered by the companies from May 3 to 6.

The results of the call drop test drive are pretty grim, with TRAI even asserting that the TSPs performance has worsened compared to previous tests. The only two brands which managed to meet the required benchmark in New Delhi were RCom 2G and Vodafone 3G.

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TRAI is now planning to write to the DoT asking it to amend the TRAI act in order to grant the body additional powers so that it can impose a call drop penalty on service providers. To recall, the Supreme Court had decided against the compensation scheme on the grounds that it was ultra vires, arbitrary, unreasonable and non-transparent.

As per PTI, TRAI Secretary Sudhir Gupta hopes that getting more power will allow it to bring the call drop penalty system back to life. In other news related to the authority, it’s released a new smartphone app dubbed DND Services for consumers in its efforts to battle against spam calls and messages.

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DND Services is being pitched as a convenient way to enroll in the government’s Do Not Disturb program to avoid telemarketing calls and annoying SMSes. If anyone still gets such pesky Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC), they can file a complaint in the app and keep a track of its progress.

DND Services is currently up for downloads over at the Google Play Store. An iOS version is set to be rolled out soon.

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