You can still read WhatsApp messages after they’ve been deleted

WhatsApp’s Delete for Everyone feature allows anyone who regrets sending a message to scrub it out of existence for both them and the receiver. A Spanish blog called Android Jefe has come out a with new report in which it says that there are ways to get around this tool.

As per the publication, these deleted WhatsApp messages can be found in the notification log of any device running Android 7.0 and above. A person could opt to download a third-party app like Notification History to see eliminated missives. They may also opt to use a third-party launcher like Nova Launcher for the same purpose.

All they’d have to do is long press on the home screen, choose Widgets, followed by Activities, Settings, and create a shortcut for Notification log. Anyone who has stock Android running through their handset’s veins could skip all this and simply head to Settings to do the same.


The report outlined a couple of drawbacks to these approaches. First of all, a person would have to actually see the message or interact with a notification for it to get saved in the log. The latter could entail simply dismissing the alert.

This is a pretty big condition, since this means that communications which haven’t been seen or interacted with at all can’t be retrieved. Moreover, these options only work if a message actually generated a notification. If an individual already had the chat window open then they wouldn’t be able to view the deleted missive later on.

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Lastly, only the first 100 characters are viewable and the Notification log only stores messages for a few hours. Restarting the phone will wipe away all the alerts.