TRAI to investigate call drop masking by telcos

TRAI has doubled down its focus on radio link timeout technology (RLT) which is allegedly being used by telecom operators to mask call drops. It’s now planning to set up an enquiry into the scam.

RLT is one of the key factors in deciding how long a call can go on for after the signal quality drops below a set threshold. A recent report uncovered the fact that Aircel and Vodafone are taking advantage of RLT more than other players are.

Call Drops

An official source even claimed that network brands are using it to hide call drops and cheat more money out of customers. As per PTI, TRAI Chairman RS Sharma has now announced the authority’s plans to seek details about RLT usage from telecom firms.

TRAI’s recent call drop test drive in Delhi had found that almost all telecom operators had failed to meet its benchmarks, including state-run operator MTNL. The companies later banded together under COAI and refuted the report’s findings.

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According to the players, TRAI only conducted the test in small area which was prone to call drops due to a lack of cell towers. It thinks all the brands in Delhi are in compliance with the 2% limit set by the body when considering the whole LSA of the city.

TRAI is now seeking additional powers from the government to penalize telecom operator who fail to meet its call drop standards. However, Telecom Secretary JS Deepak claims that he hasn’t received any such communication from the authority.