UCWeb launches UC News app in India

UCWeb has officially launched a new app dubbed UC News in India, hoping to hop in on the country’s growing demand for more digital content. The platform features more than 20 different channels dedicated towards a particular subject such as technology, entertainment, lifestyle, news and movies.

UC News curates content based on trending keywords on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, tracking and matching them to relevant topics. Alibaba, the company behind UCWeb, plans to expand the app to Indonesia next before pushing it other countries as well.

UC News

As per PTI, the brand currently has about 30 people working in its India team working in collaboration with a larger Chinese team on products. It plans to double its work force in India since it intends to expand on its local language content in the nation.

UC News is a step towards it long-term goals. The new app comes with UC Browser mainstays like data saving, fast opening pages and live cricket scores. It can even recommended news to users based on what they’ve been reading.

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UCWeb claims that India makes up roughly 20% of its global user base for UC Browser thanks to the country accounting for over 80 million monthly active users. The firm is currently looking to develop its local language offerings and improve its performance when it comes to working with India’s relatively slow internet speeds.

UC News is now live and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.