Wicked Audio Heist, Deuce, Mojo and Evac audio gear released in trendy new designs

Wicked Audio Evac

The Wicked Audio Heist, Deuce, Mojo, and Evac audio gear have arrived on the scene for audiophiles on the move. The entire buffet consists of headphones and earbuds in a few eye-catching shades.

The Heist earbuds flaunt a dual-jack that enables more than one user to listen to music from a single source simultaneously. Available in three interesting color combinations that include slate and yellow, rust and ivory and black and white, the Heist earbuds price is $29.99.

Wicked Audio Evac Mojo

The Deuce headphones are splashed in ten light shades and they are touted to offer a ‘barely there’ experience. They are bundled with three earbud sizes that should deliver comfortable fits and an optional vocal cord is present for wearers to receive calls.

The Mojo earphones are crafted with a nifty color finish and are available in seven hues that include red, purple and yellow. Additionally, they offer enhanced bass that should improve the overall sound quality. Packaged in all three sizes of small, medium and large, the earbuds are designed to squeeze into all sorts of melons.

Wicked Audio Heist Deuce

The Evac earbuds claim to be ‘lustrous’ and ‘comfortable.’ The collapsible designed is deployed with a canvas fabricated handband as well as comfortable ear cushions. The enhanced bass clubbed with a braided cord and integrated volume controls should make music listening enjoyable.

The Wicked Audio Deuce earphones can be grabbed at $9.99, or at $14.44 when picked up with the mic. The Mojo and Evac devices cost $24.99 and $49.99, respectively.