AppleVisionSync releases TatTap app for iPhone and Android devices

VisionSync releases TatTap app for iPhone and Android devices

TatTap App

Tattoo lovers will be delighted with this new app for their iPhone and Android handsets. VisionSync rolled out a new app known as ‘TatTap’ for these devices. This app is specially intended to cater to the needs of Tattoo and body art and ink buffs.

This app is claimed to be a vibrant and interactive one that enables users to upload and rate tattoos. One can even take virtual tattoos from its database and snap them on preferred body parts, and view the trial tats. Friends can receive these experimental tats or even new actual body ink for feedback.

TatTap offers an inclusive roll of more than 10,000 tattoo parlors and artists worldwide. This listing also includes ratings and comments, and provides mapping with precise directions to the preferred ink spot. This app is also location-aware, so users can always locate the closest parlors or artists, or utilize the speedy search feature with just a flick of the finger.

Nikolas Gough, one of the founders of VisionSync, commented, “With so many people getting tattoos these days and the global popularity of reality ink shows, we created TatTap to serve this market. We feel the multiple features of TatTap will make our app users really happy.”

A community of TatTappers is also encompassed. In that community, a forum is present to inquire queries and receive recommendations and views about anything related to tattoo or ink. The other users’ tattoos can also be rated.

To update themselves with innovative tattoos, the top tattoos of the week and inks of the month can be checked out. The app also has the facility to enable the users to view all time tat faves. One can check out the newest hot celebrity tats and can upload some celeb ink. The app facilitates users to tap into the glam and shine of these celebrity inksters.

TatTap can be purchased for $0.99 for iPhone, iPod and Android phones.

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