AndroidTwitter unveils Highlights to allow users stay in the loop

Twitter unveils Highlights to allow users stay in the loop

Twitter has launched a brand new feature called Highlights through which is plans on delivering a simple summary of tweets you’ve missed throughout the day so that you can always stay updated. The latest capability will compile the best posts and deliver them to you via push notifications on your smartphone and tablet.

Twitter Highlights is currently designed for Android devices only and is available in English. The company notes on its official blog that it will ‘consider’ bringing the new feature to other platforms once it’s done refining the experience on Google’s mobile OS.

This clearly means that the latest attribute is still experimental and it could get pulled without notice if there’s not enough demand or it doesn’t achieve expected results. When we say that the best Twitter posts will be delivered straight to your notifications, we mean stuff that’s most relevant to you.

Twitter Highlights

According to the company, Highlights are created by taking various factors into consideration. The feature looks at conversions and accounts which are popular with your followers, trending topics and events in your area, tweets posted by those with close ties to you and more. These summaries are delivered through notifications up to twice a day.

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On interacting with the alert, you’ll be taken to the Twitter application where the Highlights will be displayed in a new UI. Each tweet or post can be view by simply swiping to the left or right. And once you’ve dismissed the last one, the home timeline will show up.

The Twitter Highlights feature can be activated on all Android devices. To do so, enter the settings menu followed by your account handle and head to the mobile notifications menu to find the option to enable Highlights.

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