Tiny Wings fly high with Apple’s iPhone

Tiny Wings App

Who doesn’t build castles in air to flap imaginary wings and take off really high? Or just wish to jet over to catch a glimpse of beautiful hills? Well, everyone does. To add a sense of realism to the scenario, the truly time-gripping Tiny Wings gaming application has just entered for iPhone users.

Designed to take fantasy admirers and gaming souls on an exciting ride, the Tiny Wings app now enables them to use the hills as jumps, slide down, flap their wings and fly. The simple yet skillful ‘one button’ arcade game plops down engrossing challenges to make the journey interesting.

Featuring procedural generated graphics, the game enables gamers to upgrade their nest by fulfilling tasks and indulge into a fun challenge. To pep the experience, every big jump over the ocean will bring users to new adventures on a new island. There are 27 tricky achievements as well.

The app also features the ability to run smoothly at 60fps even on older devices.

The new Tiny Wings app for iPhone can now be downloaded for just $0.99 from Apple’s App Store.