There’s an app that allows you experience someone else’s life, no, seriously

A group of researchers from MIT has come up with an app that allows you to experience the life of a stranger – It’s called 20 Day Stranger. As the name suggests, 20 days is all you get during which, you can share your daily activities and experiences with another person and it also gives you the opportunity to take a look into their lives.

There’s one slight catch through. You won’t have the slightest clue as to with whom you’re sharing your personal life with. Designed for the Apple iPhone, the team behind this new innovation is the Playful Systems group. The app basically keeps both sides anonymous and continuous updates are provided letting you know what the person on the other end is up to.

20 Day Stranger

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The anonymous stranger can be from anywhere around the globe and while it doesn’t provide you with a complete look on how a stranger lives, it does encourage you to use your own imagination. 20 Day Stranger tracks your activities and movements, but it doesn’t store any of your data and the developer assures that information such as your name and other personal content which can be used in identifying you will not be exchanged and is not even accessible by them.

The 20 Day Stranger application isn’t available on the App Store as yet and you’ll have to register with the creator in order to participate. To get in on the experiment as an alpha tester, a form needs to be filled up, which can be found on the app’s website, with basic personal information.

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