Telus unveils ZTE TXTster phone with Fastap keypad

Telus ZTE TXTster phone Telus rolls out a new Fastap phone, ZTE TXTster for all those who love texting and are looking out for a messaging phone. This clamshell phone is best suited for heavy text users.

The Telus ZTE TXTster will take an advantage of Fatsap keypad and eZiType word prediction to send text messages faster and in a simpler way. Although the phone does not sport a full QWERTY keyboard but it is equipped with all the necessary keys required for fast typing. The Fastap Flip phone incorporates a 1.3 megapixel camera along with video recording functionality. The ZTE TXTster has two screens; internal screen with 220 x 176 pixels and external screen has 96 x 64 pixels. The phone also features an EVDO radio and supports GPS and Bluetooth technology.

The phone inherits Telus mobile music that lets the user browse and download music directly to your phone so that you can enjoy the music wherever you are. The Telus Navigator offers audio and video turn by turn directions and maps for users to locate their destination easily. With Windows Live Messenger you can connect with friends and family anytime.

The Telus ZTE TXTster phone is available for $29.99 on three year contract and for $299.99 without contract.