T-Mobile releases Instant Email service in UK

T-Mobile Instant Email service The most recent announcement from T-Mobile reveals the launch of a new Instant Email service in UK. The service provides an easy and convenient way for users to access email directly from their mobile phones.

The Instant Email service offers fast and easy access to personal email accounts like Hotmail and Google Mail. The highlight of the service is that a user’s inbox becomes truly mobile with the implementation of this service. All the messages are sent directly to user’s mobile phone as well as they are alerted if any new messages arrive and all of this without the need to log on to the internet.

Additionally, the service offers access to upto five email accounts. The Instant Email service also acts as a back up and update data like email address, phone numbers and calendars.

Receiving and sending emails directly from the mobile phones make life a little simpler. The service enables users to view emails as they arrive at anytime and anywhere without the hassle of logging on to a computer.

The service is available on selected Nokia mobile phones. Users can take complete advantage of the service at a monthly fee of £3.50.