Inspector Gadget lands on iPhone

Inspector Gadget game Namco Bandai Networks and Cookie Jar Entertainment have teamed up to bring the world’s first bionic detective, Inspector Gadget game for the iPhone. The game contains various amazing gadgets that can be used to battle against the evils.

Based on the hit cartoon series, the Inspector Gadget game includes six stages with superior graphics and design. The players can assume the role of Inspector Gadget, his niece Penny or his intelligent and faithful dog Brain.

“Inspector Gadget is a personal favorite for me, and a character who has gained a loyal global following, making him one of the most lovable icons of the cartoon crime-solving world,” says Barry O’Neill, President of Namco Bandai Networks Europe. “Inspector Gadget and the iPhone is a perfect partnership as one of the world’s most famous gadget users meets one of the world’s most famous gadgets.”

In this action packed game, the players have to guide the Inspector in his mission and battle against the evil Dr. Claw by using various gadgets and gizmos. The Inspector Gadget game includes some of the greatest gadgets like Gadget Copter, Coat and Umbrella.

The exciting game gives players a chance to gain high score by recovering stolen jewels, treasures and rings throughout the level. Moreover, players can also use Inspector Gadget’s bionic arm to defend enemies.

The Inspector Gadget game involves two modes; story mode and quick play mode that allow users to play previously unlocked levels.

The Inspector Gadget game is available at the Apple Store for $5.99.