GamesSmartphones have played a key role in the rise of online games

Smartphones have played a key role in the rise of online games

Online Mobile GamesFrom online sweepstakes games to playing the latest video game titles online, this is an industry that is really on the up. It seems we just cannot get enough of playing games over the internet, either on our own or with other people.

When it comes to staying entertained in the modern age, there are lots of things we can do. From streaming the latest music to watching TV on large LED sets to reading a book or working out, you will never be short of something to stave off boredom. One area within modern entertainment that has really taken off over the years is online gaming. In 2019, for example, the online gaming sector made $16.9bn globally and that figure is expected to nudge $18bn by 2024.

One interesting point to note is just how important modern smartphones like Apple’s iPhone have been to online games surging popularity. The rise in smartphone usage has almost been in tandem with the rise in online gaming. With 3.5 billion smartphone users now in the world, this in some ways is not surprising. But why have smartphones played such a big role when it comes to online gaming?

Internet connectivity

Of course, to play games online you need an internet connection. Modern smartphones now have built-in connectivity, and this means they are perfect for online gaming. This may actually be the only internet access many people have as not everyone around the world has it in their home. Giving people easy access to the internet via public Wi-Fi with cheap data costs has allowed more people to discover online gaming. Some people may also only have an older games console at home with no online gaming functionality built-in. That makes their smartphone an easy way for them to play the latest titles online.

A mobile solution

One of the major reasons that smartphones have been so significant to online gaming’s success is the mobility they give us. Using a mobile phone to play online means we can do it from anywhere and at any time. Whether it is a boring commute to work or that long wait at the airport, smartphones give us instant access to online games. That is simply not the case if you were to play online games from a laptop or console with internet connectivity. Let’s face it, lugging one of those around with you and finding somewhere to connect to the internet could be difficult. Modern mobile phones always keep the games with you so you can enjoy more of them, whenever you like.

Ideal for our modern lifestyle

Online games have become popular because they dovetail perfectly with our fast-paced lives. Smartphones also work well for our modern lives as they allow us to pick up and play online games when we have a spare few minutes. There is no need to schedule in a long gaming session at home or to miss out altogether. This casual style of play over mobiles has also allowed online games to attract a whole new audience in recent years who would not usually be interested in gaming.

Smartphones have the power to make games amazing

mobile gaming

When you look at the processing power and tech packed into phones like the Samsung Galaxy range, it is no surprise that they have attracted more people into online games. The awesome speeds, sound and graphics that modern mobiles offer makes for a thrilling gaming experience. Playing a game online in this way can be truly immersive and also on a par with playing via a standard PC! This has made playing online games over your mobile phone much more rewarding and exciting. More processing power has also allowed game studios to develop more sophisticated games that cater to the mobile market in particular.

Online games and smartphones are a great match

As the above shows, smartphones have played a key role in helping online games to flourish over recent years. They make this type of gaming fun, mobile and so easy that it is hard not to head online to try an enjoyable video or casino game when you have five minutes. As smartphone usage continues to rise and developments like 5G come to the fore, online gaming will continue to grow in popularity.

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