AppleSinecure unboxes Halp app for iPhone

Sinecure unboxes Halp app for iPhone

Halp AppPromising to aid everyone with this new app, Sinecure Industries has just rolled out a new app ‘Halp’ for the iPhone. The app can select any random advice and offer it to the user. It then provides them with the prospect of reloading new advice every time they shake their iPhone.

There are several people who are quite indecisive and take a long time in making a decision. But with this app, they can get some guidance and it should help them in making that decision. So whether it is as serious as career issues or trivial like wondering what to snack, this app could be the answer to all the questions. The Halp app is claimed to provide more than 700 advices on the go.

The application co-creator Sean Flanagan, commented, “We know a lot of people who are incredibly indecisive – not even about big decisions, but even what to have for lunch. This iPhone app is for them. We put in so many pieces of advice there are at least 10 that apply to anyone at any given time.”

The company alleged that the advice could be successful for anyone and everyone if they give it an opportunity. They also claim no accountability for the result of perusing their iPhone app’s advice.

The app comes with a price tag of $1.99 and is available on the iPhone App Store.

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