AppleSilvertune instrument tuner app for iPhone arrives

Silvertune instrument tuner app for iPhone arrives

Silvertune Instrument Tuner App

Musicians who own an Apple device could probably benefit from the freshly launched Silvertune instrument tuner app for iPhone and iPod touch. The application has been created by Romanian independent developer Valentin Radu and is said to be apt for professional usage.

This instrument tuning app comes incorporated with a dulcet pitch detection algorithm. It claims to be precise at up to 1/100 of a semitone and is built to be capable of lending support to a variety of woodwind, brass and bowed string instruments.

“When I started to develop Silvertune, I knew from my previous experience with professional musicians, that it would have to be very accurate to fulfill their expectations. That’s why I didn’t use any of the traditional pitch detection algorithms. In my opinion, there are 3 major things that define a good tuner. It has to be accurate, it has to be easy to read and it has to be responsive and reliable,” commented Valentin Radu.

“I focused my development efforts on those 3 things, leaving aside other less important features. Even so, Silvertune still offers basic options like, an adjustable A4 frequency or solfege notation. Of course, I know there’s always room for improvement, so, I’m committed to continue the development with a series of updates,” added Radu.

Silvertune Instrument Tuner App

The newly unveiled software for the Apple iDevices, features one tap calibration and an easy to use interface. It can function optimally on iOS 4.0 or higher gadgets and comes without any bells or whistles. Boasting of an A4 frequency adjustable between 410Hz and 450Hz, the tuning software also possesses a wide pitch detection range spanning from A0 to A8.

The Silvertune for iPhone app is now available for download through the App Store for a price of $2.99.

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