BlackBerryeBay 2.0 for BlackBerry now out with new features to aid online shoppers

eBay 2.0 for BlackBerry now out with new features to aid online shoppers

eBay 2.0 for BlackBerry

In a bid to enhance the online shopping experience, eBay 2.0 for BlackBerry was recently launched. According to the official BlackBerry blog, the updated version of this app sports a completely new interface and the features have been tweaked for the better.

Version 2.0 comes equipped with an improved messaging system which now lends support to more kinds of messages including rich HTML one. Users will be able to receive notifications about the items they happen to be bidding over. The refreshed app can be employed on BlackBerry smartphones to buy products as well as sell them.

The freshly launched app update lets users capture pictures of items they want to sell and publish a new listing to the website. In case BlackBerry handset owners already have a picture ready, they can select it from the concerned photo library and upload it to the listing. Similar to working with eBay while on a desktop browser, users are allowed to upload up to 12 images to their listing and choose from among the various payment and shipping options on offer.

eBay 2.0 for BlackBerry

The blog post states that the revamped user interface provides easier navigation and faster access to frequently employed features. The search options have undergone changes to simplify the process of looking for items. Users can now alter the search option to specifically convey whether they are seeking a new or used item, which country’s eBay sites they wish to drop into and the involved budget, among other such factors. Furthermore, the upgraded application lands integrated with support for BBM so that online shoppers can share listings with other contacts.

eBay 2.0 for BlackBerry is now available for free at the BlackBerry App World.

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