Samsung announces the OZ Double Folder phone

Samsung OZ Double Folder phone

Samsung unveils an innovative mobile phone called the Samsung SPH-W6450 or OZ Double Folder phone. Gadget enthusiasts will certainly find this phone interesting as it is designed specially for portable internet viewing.

Boasting of dual flip, the Samsung OZ Double Folder phone offers wide range of functionalities to users depending on the way a user flips the handset. Users can fold or unfold the phone vertically while calling or sending text messages. In case when a user wants to watch TV via DMB, watch movies, browse the internet, users can use the phone horizontally for better viewing experience.

The Samsung SPH-W6450 phone features a 2.8 inch LCD screen with touchpad functionality. The phone incorporates a 3 megapixel camera and Bluetooth connectivity. It also integrates features like an electronic dictionary, file viewer and more.

The two-way clamshell phone has been designed with the ability to deliver enhanced portable entertainment experience to users. It provides a choice for users to turn the phone either in a clamshell form or as a mini-netbook.

The Samsung OZ Double Folder phone will be available only in Korea at an estimated price of $395.