AndroidRoamz 2.0 app for Android now up on Google Play

Roamz 2.0 app for Android now up on Google Play

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The Roamz app for Android has just gone live, bringing another location-based option onto the Google mobile platform. It basically combines mobile technology, local information and social media to provide users with a fair idea of their surroundings.

The tool lists out interesting content in the form of events, places and others for the public. It is open to everyone and does not require users to sign up for it. The app blends information from well known networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Trending topics, new places and other such avenues can be explored owing to this.

Jonathan Barouch, Founder and CEO of Roamz, commented, “We are thrilled to be able to welcome the Android community to Roamz. We have created a unique product that gives people real-time, local insight into what is going on around them and we think that Android users will love it.”

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The application even provides reviews of food joints, festivals and various locations to keep handset owners updated at all times. It functions by mere taps of the finger and is free of charge. The utility is touted to work just about anywhere, bringing in pieces of information from many social tools and apps.

Users can stay tuned to the latest happenings wherever they are, as the app is accessible all across the globe. This software was first launched in March and it is now that its Android edition has officially been announced.

The Roamz 2.0 app can be downloaded via Google Play.

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