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Marvell K-Touch T660 phone announced

Marvell K-Touch T660 01The Marvell K-Touch T660 TD-SCDMA smartphone has come to China. It is equipped with the company’s PXA920H single-chip 1GHz communications processor and a 4-inch IPS screen, at a price that should adhere to the mid-range market.

As far as the specifications go, this fresh piece of hardware feasts on the Gingerbread platform and carries a 5MP camera for photography purposes. With 512MB RAM, the phone flaunts 4GB ROM. In terms of connectivity, it boasts of the mobile hotspot capability, Marvell Avastar 88W8787 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, apart from being FM enabled.

“I’m very excited to see a tier-1 OEM, such as K-Touch, join the growing family of global OEMs providing TD-SCDMA solutions in China. I believe this represents the transition of feature phones to smartphones for the mass market. The rapid growth of partners across the entire TD-SCDMA ecosystem provides a strong foundation for continued growth in the largest consumer market for years to come. We are proud of our work with K-Touch and are excited to continue our collaboration on next-generation smartphones for the China market,” commented Weili Dai, Co-founder of Marvell.

Marvell K-Touch T660 02

Adding to the aforesaid features, the device is integrated with an audio and power management system dubbed Marvell PM8607. Additionally, it accommodates the CMMB+MBBMS2.0 Mobile TV function. It supports GSM, EDGE and TD-SCDMA via an integrated 3G platform to offer fast downloads and performance. Carrier China Mobile will be shipping the handset, though the precise release date details are not known as yet.

The Marvell K-Touch T660 price is marked at 1,000 RMB.

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