PM Modi browses the Internet at a 34Mbps speed, reveals RTI query

A recent RTI query has brought to light the fact that the Prime Minister’s Office of India makes use of a 34Mbps Internet connection at the workplace. This is an interesting fact considering that the average Internet speed for the entire country was recently found to be 2Mbps.

The RTI application in question was made by none other than the co-founder of, Vinoth Ranganathan. The Prime Minister’s Office, in its reply, has conveyed that it is provided with an average of 34Mbps Internet speed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC).

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Ranganathan has pointed out that a Startup Village in Kochi is currently benefitting from 1Gbps connectivity which makes it almost 30 times faster than the speed of the PMO. He also mentioned that the much loved Google Fiber connections in the US can be accessed by normal citizens with 1Gbps speeds as well.

A recent ‘State of the Internet’ study by Internet content delivery network, Akamai had made it known that the average Internet speed in India is 2Mpbs. Moreover, it was also found that the country ranks 115th in the world in terms of Internet speeds. South Korea is the nation with the maximum average internet speed of 24.6Mbps. Recently, the Centre gave a thumbs up to the new Digital India project which is meant to bring high-speed internet access to all villages by 2019.

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According to The Times of India, the RTI reply received by Ranganathan has even revealed that the Prime Minister’s Office makes use of computers working on the Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems. Security concerns have hence stemmed owing to the fact that such software is not deemed secure enough to handle sensitive data of national concern.