Play ‘Em brings Touch ‘Em game on iPhone and iPod touch

Touch 'Em Play ‘Em proudly announces the availability of its first game called Touch ‘Em for iPhone and iPod touch on the iPhone App Store.

Touch ‘Em leverages the iPhone platform’s multi-touch technology to produce a fast-paced and addictive gaming experience.

Touch ‘Em is a unique take on match-3 style games, the players can make matches from anywhere on the play area with touches, multi-touches or even swipe gestures. On matching the players can use their skill to extend matches for greater scores and faster level progression.

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Touch’Em can be played with one or both hands using your fingers or thumbs just tap or swipe at least three of the same animals to start a match. While the board refills, you can tap more of the same to extend the match and multiply the score. Go as far as your skills take you with its infinite levels, multiple game modes and reveal your high scores online to the whole world.

The Touch ‘Em for iPhone and iPod touch is available at the App stores.

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