Pantech IM S380K, a slider phone for Korea

Pantech S380kPantech has recently unveiled the IM-S380K, a phone launched under Pantech’s Sky brand exclusively targeted for the South Korean market. Keeping in lines with the IM S350, the new IM S380K is the second mobile phone to be released by Pantech.

With a pretty good slider form factor, the IM S380K is HSDPA capable. Working within networks of local operator KTF, the phone should ensure efficient data transmissions and keep KTF users connected at decent speeds at all times.

Not a regular slider phone, the IM s380K apparently boasts of an open digital keyboard with an aspect ratio of 7:3 to the top of the slider. This attribute of the device may actually help improve the visual perception of an open handset. The display is rumoured to have a resolution of around 240×400.

The phone supposedly sports a front-facing camera for video calling along with a dedicated button for quick email access. In addition to this the IM S380K is expected to come packed with some regular features. They include a Bluetooth, music player and FM radio, a photo editing application called Sky Studio, an expandable memory, an electronic dictionary and a subway map.

Watch out for this elegant slider phone to brace the Korean market in white, pink and black colours via KTF. The phone is expected to hit stores any time in the coming months for a price of approximately $355.