GeneralPhishers make fake Facebook profile of Arvind Kejriwal to target internet users

Phishers make fake Facebook profile of Arvind Kejriwal to target internet users

As various constituencies in India go to the polls, phishers have found a way to target internet users by making fake a Facebook profile of Arvind Kejriwal, leader of the Aam Aadmi Party. The source of the trouble is not just a ‘phishy’ profile on the social network, but a website which is designed to look like Facebook in order to trick visitors.

A post on the Symantec blog points to a site hosted on servers in Lansing, Michigan in the US. The portal which is titled ‘Unite With Us Against Corruption,’ opens to a page showing Kejriwal and his latest Twitter tagline in the background. Highlighted at the center is a poster for the Aam Aadmi Party and a fake Facebook ‘like’ button.

Phishers Kejriwal Fake Facebook Profile

Those who end up landing on the phishing site may easily mistake it for an actual Facebook page. Once you click on the ‘like’ button, you are asked to enter your login details, the way it happens when you ‘like’ a page on a safe website. But since it’s a scam we’re talking about here, typing in your information obviously means trouble.

In this case, the phishers apparently used an old template and forgot to change the words to reflect that visitors were about to ‘like’ Kejriwal. Instead, it asks user to sign in with their Facebook credentials and ‘like’ cute baby pictures. But if you carry on as instructed anyway, then you will be shown an acknowledgement page and asked to click ‘like’ after that once again.

Fake Facebook Login

The end result will mean that someone pulling the strings behind this phishing scam would be able to get you personal information for identity theft purposes. We mean, you just gave these mischief makers your Facebook sign in details.

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