Orcs & Elves II Mobile game announced by EA, id Software

Orcs & Elves Mobile Game

Electronic Arts (EA) has announced the sequel of Orcs & Elves which is Orcs & Elves II mobile game. This is the first game for mobile phones which has been created by id Software and developed by EA.

Orcs & Elves II drops players in to boots of a novice thief tasked with saving his village from impending doom and introduces new characters, quest and weapons for fans of the series.

John Carmack, founder and technical director at id Software stated, “Our third mobile title continues to polish and improve the game play experience that we pioneered with DOOM RPG.”

He added, “The ability to bring out new and better products every year makes the mobile sector very exciting to be in.”

Orcs & Elves II for handsets continues the story from original game and expands the universe. In Orcs & Elves II evil begins to spread throughout the lands after the fall of King Brahm at Mount Zharrkarag.

Gamers play as Valin, a thief who has stolen the legendary wand Ellon in order to save his imperiled town from an ancient enemy. With a new controllable mouse companion, a slew of weapons and a lot of luck, Valin must quest through perilous caverns, foreign towns and haunted forests to return to his under siege village before it’s too late.

Players will encounter new creatures, allies and monsters as they explore seven immense, interactive environments taking advantage of new graphical effects, an original score, and unique game features created from the ground-up for Orcs & Elves II.

Travis Boatman, vice president of worldwide studios for EA Mobile commented, “This sequel builds on the innovation of the original game but adds advanced features and an improved gameplay experience.”

He concluded, “The first Orcs & Elves game was critically acclaimed on mobile and we recently worked with id Software to bring the game to another handheld device, the Nintendo DS. The fact that this series has transcended mobile devices says something about the strength of the franchise.”

Orcs & Elves II mobile game is available with almost all wireless carriers in North America and will soon be available in Europe by early 2008.