Erento offers iPhone Rental Service in the UK

Erento Logo Apple iPhone on rent Service Every one has a dream to own an Apple iPhone, but since the cost of the handset is quiet high as it includes the contract, a German company is now offering an iPhone rental service.

The Erento iPhone rental service is offered through its website, which is an online renting site. From here, customers can rent the iPhone for a day or week.

The cost of the iPhone for a day is £29 while for a week is £100.

This service was started by the people who shelled out extra money when the iPhone was not available and thus this service was started by them as a means to make some of their money back.

“Having coughed up quite a lot of money for this beautiful gadget, I heard about this new online rental site and figured that I could make my money back in a just a few weeks,” stated Steve Morrison, rental supplier on Erento.

Morrison continued, “It is perfect for someone looking to impress at a party and is a really effective way of trying before buying.”

Volker Wohlfarth is the director of International Operations at Erento. Wohlfarth feels that renting is becoming a more viable option than ownership and when it comes to gadgets, which can become out-of-date very quickly.