GeneralOpera Mini browser users in India save Rs 2.1 billion in mobile Internet bills

Opera Mini browser users in India save Rs 2.1 billion in mobile Internet bills

The Opera Mini browser has always fancied itself as the champion of data saving for very good reason, and now it has emerged that Indian users apparently shave off about Rs 2.1 billion from their mobile Internet bills thanks to it. Opera Software sure knows the importance of its data shrinking technology in a price-sensitive market like India after all.

The company claims that Opera Mini’s largest user base can be found in the country and it’s no surprise either seeing as an increasing number of people are migrating to smartphones as well as accessing the web on their mobile devices. Not only does the browser compress data by up to 90%, it also offers the benefit of faster page loading owing to this.

Opera Mini

The Opera browser should prove to be particularly useful when users are on roaming or in areas with poor network connectivity. The software is a free download that promises to save you money, meaning it can’t really hurt to try it. It works with more than 3000 mobile gadgets including Android, iOS and basic phones.

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In India, Opera boasts about users having collectively saved a huge sum of 2.1 billion rupees in reduced data usage in only half the year. Opera is also mentioning savings of Rs 350 million per month on a national scale and 75% less mobile data used up by Opera Mini users as compared to those on a regular browser.

You can download Opera Mini for your smartphone or tablet by visiting any of the links mentioned in this official blog post.

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