GamesOjom launches Maya, an iPhone-optimized game

Ojom launches Maya, an iPhone-optimized game

Maya Screenshot on iPhone Ojom, a creator and publisher of mobile games has announced the release of its first game designed specially for the iPhone. The game is called Maya. The Deluxe version of the game was released in Europe and is now available with the Jamster and Jamba.

Maya Deluxe is a series of puzzle style game which can be played through the integrated Safari browser. The best part is that the game is absolutely free of cost to iPhone users. Maya Deluxe has been modified to suit the iPhone’s innovative touch-screen technology.

About Maya Deluxe for the iPhone:

In the game, users must solve a series of puzzles in their quest to find the Maya Temple hidden deep in the jungle. The story goes that, inside the temple, users will find a number of ‘golden artifacts’ that hold the key to an unsolved mystery. Collect the golden artifacts by solving the puzzles and unlock the secret of the Temple of Mysteries. Users will have to flip and twist the triangles with ease on the iPhone’s touch screen and will be try to master this game at every possible opportunity.

Thomas Brockhage, General Manager of Ojom GmbH, commented: “This is a great opportunity for Ojom to show that we can adapt and innovate to suit new technologies. Maya was one of our most popular games and is perfect for the iPhone’s touch sensitive screen. We are proud to release our first game specifically adapted for the iPhone.”

Maya Deluxe is available as a free download for the iPhone via the Internet at and

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