SonySony Ericsson W910i Walkman Phone launched in India

Sony Ericsson W910i Walkman Phone launched in India

Sony Ericsson W910i Walkman Phone

Sony Ericsson has launched the W910i, its latest Walkman series phone in India. The new W910i offers two unique features related to music- Shake Control and SensMe. It also offers auto rotate capabilities.

The Sony Ericsson W910i has a large 2.63-inch bright crystal 262,000 TFT screen which is just 86 grams and 12.5 mm slim.

The W910i is feature packed with HSDPA which provides high-speed Web access for faster downloads.

The new Shake Control allows users to control their music choices in a better way. The users can just flick their Walkman phone the way they want so they can skip or listen to previous or next track. Whereas, if the user shakes the phone back and forth, this will shuffle the playlist.

The new Walkman phone also has SensMe which offers a new way to browse through the playlist. Users can create a playlist according to their moods rather by than by artists and album. W910i is presented in a unique visual which shows each song as dots in a matrix and places them according to tempo and style.

“Sony Ericsson created Shake Control and SensMe because we want music lovers to experience their music on a whole new level. We are confident that users will have hours of fun shaking up their music and exploring the SensMe feature to match the right tracks to your mood. The W910i aims to redefine ‘music on your mobile’ and signifies the coming of age of the Walkman phone,” commented Sudhin Mathur, General Manager, Sony Ericsson India.

The new W910i has a unique feature which rotates the picture automatically adjusting the display the way the user is handling the phone.

Just with a click of single icon, users will be able to easily access a media browser which offers access to music, video or podcasts all from one place. The W910i phone helps users to sort their various media files even before reaching the phone.

The new Media Manager PC programme lets users organize their music, photos and podcasts on their PC and transfer them either via USB on their phone or directly into your MemoryStick Micro (M2) card with the bundled matching USB adaptor, so the same memory card can work as a pen drive too.

Other features of the Sony Ericsson W910i handset at a glance:

  • Motion Sensor Gaming Control game functions by balancing the phone on your palm
  • Audio books listen to your favorite books
  • Pod cast Subscribe, Browse & Listen to Podcasts
  • Unique Media Experience with Walkman 3.0
  • Enhanced Track ID – Sample a song playing and get to know the artist & lyrics of the song
  • PLUS Access TV, movies, music and more
  • Comes with Unique USB Adapter convert your 2GB card into pen drive
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