Nokia Essence Bluetooth stereo headset ready for launch

Nokia Essence Bluetooth Stereo Headset The latest audio peripheral coming from Nokia’s stable is the Essence Bluetooth stereo headset which had hit the news back in August. The in-ear headphones feature bass perfection active noise cancellation technology that touts to eliminate up to 99.8 percent of background noise.

The device’s in-ear design is said to considerably minimize mid and high frequency noise to deliver a clear, detailed bass and balanced frequency response. The background disturbance or noise is mainly reduced because of the integrated supple medical-grade silicone earbuds which enable a comfortable fit. These earbuds come in six different shapes and sizes.

Nokia’s newest headset features four music response profiles namely, concert hall, bass boost, treble boost and bass + treble boost. Bass boost reportedly provides incredibly low frequencies for high dynamic bass detail. Bass + treble boost gets together the transparency of electrostatic loudspeakers and the low frequency reproduction of reference-level multicabinet subwoofer systems.

The Nokia Essence lends support to numerous audio codecs such as SBC, apt-X and AAC Direct Streaming. It can be used with any Nokia phone, laptop or Bluetooth-enabled mp3-player. Users can either wear it around the neck or attach it to their clothes. To enable instant Bluetooth connection, users can simply tap the headset with any NFC-enabled phone.

Additionally the headphones come incorporated with feed-back ANC and natural speech technologies that promise to deliver clarity of sound. Users can enjoy a talk and standby time of 8 and 240 hours respectively.

Details regarding the price and availability of the Nokia Essence Bluetooth Stereo headset aren’t clear. But it should be ready for the market considering that October was mentioned as its launch month by the Nokia Conversations blog.