AndroidOpera report reveals internet savvy feature phone users are flocking to Android

Opera report reveals internet savvy feature phone users are flocking to Android

As per a new report from Opera Software, users in India who access the internet from feature phones are slowly making the move to Android smartphones. And we’re not one bit surprised as almost every local OEM in the country has adopted Google’s mobile OS and is offering devices with the latest OS at extremely low prices, the cheapest being under an unbelievable Rs 2000.

The company notes that the user base of its Mini web browser has grown by 25% in India, while the same for smartphones has seen a 120% increase. In the bigger picture, smartphones account for 47% of the total number of Opera Mini users and Android is at the top with an adoption rate of 44%. This is quite a huge increase from last year’s evaluation of 21%.

Opera Infograph

Opera has disclosed in its ‘State of the Android Mobile Web’ report on the official blog that from the top 100 handsets which use the Mini web browser, Samsung and Micromax have the highest market share. The latter is at the top with 30%, while the Korean giant comes in second at 25%.

If you were to look at the total market share of all devices, the outcome would be the other way around. And seeing as the majority of Android smartphones in India fall in the ultra affordable segment, it comes as no surprise that 77% of Opera Mini users go online from devices that cost under Rs 10K.

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Additionally, Opera notes that shopping portals like Flipkart which is the most accessed, Amazon and Snapdeal have seen a spike in visitors with a growth of 356%. If that’s not impressive enough, video streaming websites have also witnessed an increase in viewers, of 205% since 2013.

The full report and infograph from Opera Software on the growth of Android adoption in India can be found on the company’s official blog.

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