Motorola MC70 with Integrated GPS to Reveal in Early 2008

Motorola MC70 Mobile Phone Motorola has introduced a new version of its rugged MC70 mobile phone. This mobile phone features integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities.

Motorola’s MC70 is light weight model. It is well known for its comfortable design and ability to withstand harsh environment.

The MC70 handset is protected against environment risks which include frequent drops to concrete, water, dust and extreme temperatures.

Motorola’s mobile phone will allow organizations with field based employees like postal companies to track and manage dynamic, real-time tasking and specific locations of activities which provide mobile workers with pinpoint navigation support to improve location-based productivity.

“Enterprise customers today have come to expect seamless information exchange with their service providers, and this relies fundamentally upon accurate, real-time information from field workers,” said David Picton, industry director for logistics, Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility business.

He further continued, “For example, mail and express enterprises need to know exactly where their packages and workers are in order to operate in a highly-competitive market. The GPS locationing functionality in the MC70 will allow them to ensure that their pickup and deliveries occur at the right place at the right time – the essence of enterprise mobility.”

The MC70 EDA delivers flexibility and global coverage with converged voice and data capture. Utilizing SIRF III technology, MC70 GPS-enabled EDA which provides feature rich functionality including barcode data and signature capture in addition to wide area connectivity with support for high-speed EDGE networks, wireless 802.11a/b/g networks and Bluetooth.

ALK Technologies has created software compatible with Motorola MC70 by incorporating its award-winning CoPilot Live navigation system which takes full advantage of the device’s in-built GPS receiver and mobile Internet connectivity to provide business-specific satellite navigation with integrated fleet management.

The GPS-enabled Motorola MC70 was showcased in Barcelona at Post Expo 2007 and also at IT Convergence Show in Paris in October 2007. While the Motorola’s MC70 GPS version would be made for sale across the world in the first quarter of 2008.