Vivendi’s The Incredible Machine wins Best Casual Mobile Game

The Incredible Machine Mobile Game Logo Vivendi Games Mobile which is a part of Vivendi Games has been awarded “Best Casual Mobile Game” at the 5th Annual Spike TV 2007 “Video Game Awards” for its brain teaser The Incredible Machine for mobile phones.

The Incredible Machine for mobile was introduced in Europe in May while, in USA it came out in August 2007. The mobile game was widely talked about and received thousand of hits each day from fans.

The game featured Farah McDaring, a new superheroine, demonstrating how The Incredible Machine mobile game helps Farah solve real-life obstacles.

Paul Maglione, president of Vivendi Games Mobile commented, “We are extremely honored to once again be recognized for the high-quality and creativity of our titles and take home such a highly regarded mobile award from Spike TV.”

He further added, “Beyond winning, we are thrilled that such an established organization is recognizing the importance and popularity of mobile games.”

Maria Pacheco, vice president of Marketing for Vivendi Games Mobile, accepted the Spike TV 2007 Video Game Award and then explained, “We are thrilled that this classic puzzle game has made such a huge come-back and winning this award reinforces Vivendi Games Mobile’s objective of developing state-of-the-art games and designing innovative marketing campaigns that take mobile gaming to the next level.”

The Incredible Machine for mobile is a puzzle game and players from everywhere have loved it . The main objective of the game is to solve 80 distinct ‘real world object’ puzzles requiring construction of a “Rube Goldberg” using more than 60 different objects such as ropes, pulleys, balloons and other props arranged in the proper sequence to achieve the mandated task.

The game consist of 60 brain-teasing levels and 20 bonus levels to unlock, The Incredible Machine features real-time physics and rich, colorful animation bringing to life the game’s truly “Incredible Machines.”