Windows PhoneMicrosoft Guardian app has been launched for the safety of women in India

Microsoft Guardian app has been launched for the safety of women in India

Microsoft is doing its bit towards making Indian women feel safe at all times by introducing a new application called Guardian. It has been developed by a few Microsoft employees in the nation at Microsoft Garage in their free time.

The company says that this application has especially been developed in order to cut back on crimes against women. Even when they are alone, users will be able to call loved ones for help through the software, if they find themselves in danger. As PTI reports, Guardian has a track me feature which essentially makes use of Microsoft Windows Azure cloud services and Bing Map APIs which are basically responsible for helping friends and family locate women in distress.

Guardian App

It goes without saying that the tracking function works in real time and immediately offers location to those who can come and help. As you can see in the picture, there’s a ‘track me’ live tile which needs to be switched on so you as well as your friends can track you. The SOS tile has been very prominently placed on the top and women are supposed to hit it if they feel threatened. An SOS button has also been placed at the bottom of the screen.

Apart from asking for help from your loved ones and acquaintances, you can even call police, hospitals or security agencies for help. You need to add the names of people to the application to whom you’d like to ask for help and messages will be sent to them along with your exact location when you hit the SOS button. Email IDs and private Facebook groups can also be added for notifying people.

The Microsoft Guardian app is now available through the Windows Phone store and can be downloaded for free.

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