AppsIntro app for iOS upgraded for business networking

Intro app for iOS upgraded for business networking

Intro App for iOS

The Intro app for iOS which is aimed at business networking, has now received an upgrade to v1.6.1. It primarily allows users to develop their professional network by staying connected to people sharing similar interests and businesses.

Those wishing to avail of this application need a LinkedIn account to sign in. Basically, it provides a checklist of all the important people belonging to similar professions. The app delivers an optimized, ranked assortment comprising of business matches and it shows the common facets shared between the concerned individuals and users.

“Even today in our hyper-connected world of Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, the person you’re looking for is most likely only 2 to 3 degrees of separation away. So why aren’t we better utilizing this technology at our fingertips to exploit our friends’ and contacts’ contacts – the people they know and we should?” states a post on the official Intro blog.

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Connecting with people is as simple as tapping the Reach Out button for exchanging contact and other information. This new version aims to offer a close-knitted association with people somewhat along the lines of well-known social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Going literally with its name, the tool introduces people to their contacts’ friends and expands the networking horizon.

The software works by taking into account users’ contacts and their present networks, enabling them to chat with the required people in real-time. It is not restricted to a particular place or time, as the user is updated whenever a certain contact is close by. It facilitates organizing of the required profession conveniently, just as seen in LinkedIn apps.

The Intro app for iOS can be downloaded via iTunes.

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