22 iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed

2Hide Photos With A Password:

Hide Photos On iPhone With Password

Open your gallery and select the photos you wish to keep under lock and key. Tap the upload/share icon on the bottom left corner. It’ll throw up the option to share to Notes and then Save. Exit and open Notes and look for your saved content – it should appear under the title ‘Saved Photo’.

Go to this Saved Photo folder and tap the three-dot menu on the upper right of your display. It will pull up several options including the ability to Lock your note with a password. The drawback is that you can only hide photos, and not videos, PDFs or audio files using this method.

  • Open Photos > Select > Share > Notes > Save
  • Then open Notes > Saved Photo > Lock > Enter Password > OK

The Notes app saves a copy of the content you want to keep away from sight. So remember to delete it from your albums after you’ve saved it to Notes. Once you’ve deleted it from albums, make sure to also banish it from the oft ignored Recently Deleted section in albums.

REMEMBER, create a password that you can easily recall before you lock your notes. And ensure that you set a password hint. If you forget your password, Apple cannot help you reset it. You can create a new password for notes but won’t have access to old notes.