AppleiPhone Tickle Tap Apps for preschoolers released

iPhone Tickle Tap Apps for preschoolers released

Tickle Tap App zinc Roe brings Tickle Tap Apps, a new series of innovative applications that is designed to keep children entertained as well as stimulate their learning process. Developed by child gaming experts and analyzed by educational researchers, these new apps are said to help parents to boost their child’s concentration level and improve learning skills.

Tickle Tap Apps enhance the key skills of preschoolers by helping them in identifying different sounds, numbers, colors, patterns and shapes with simple taps on the device’s screen. With the iPhone’s intuitive interface, the device serves as a tactile platform for innovative educational applications.

“Developmental research shows the iPhone is an excellent platform for preschool learning. Children need easy-to-use apps that take advantage of the unique features of the iPhone. Tickle Tap Apps address the need for simple, attractive and entertaining educational apps for this age range,” says Jason Krogh, zinc Roe’s founder and director.

Tickle Tap Apps bring four lovable characters that include Jinja the cat, Harvey the dog, Robin the bird and Fins the fish. With these funny characters, preschoolers are encouraged to learn and have fun at the same time.

Tickle Tap Apps include Sound Shaker game that delights children with various animal sounds. Kids can create and play with chime, whistle, drum, barnyard animal and other mystery sounds by tapping and tilting the device. Sound Shaker game also features a special appearance by Robin the bird.

With Count Caddy, preschoolers can enhance their number counting skill. Children can initially start with Jinja the cat that helps them with the counting activity. Later to enhance their counting skills, preschoolers can progress with the second character called Robin the bird and then with Harvey the dog.

Tickle Tap Apps also feature an attractive shape matching game called the Sort Slider. Children simply need to tilt the iPhone to match various shapes with silhouettes. Harvey the dog also hops in to encourage preschoolers.

Tickle Tap Apps are priced at $1.99 each. These applications are available at the Apple iTunes App Store.

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