GeneralIntel Curie tech powers cooling vents in smart sports bra and shape-shifting dress

Intel Curie tech powers cooling vents in smart sports bra and shape-shifting dress

Using the Intel Curie module, sportswear designer Chromat sent models down the NYFW runway wearing sports bras with smart cooling vents and a 3D-printed dress that changes shape. These two high tech responsive garments transform according to the user’s body temperature and adrenaline or stress levels. The Chromat Aeros Sports Bra and Adrenaline Dress are concept pieces showcasing the future of fashion mated with technology.

The shape-shifting dress pictured below, is made of neoprene, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and carbon fiber actuated by shape memory alloy. The last mentioned component is expandable and also interlinked, while the TPU panels are 3D-printed. When the wearer faces a rush of adrenaline, the Intel-powered garment senses it and forces the carbon fiber framework into an hourglass shape which retains all the design sensibilities of the Chromat brand.

Chromat Adrenaline Dress

The dress might not be something all women would be keen on donning. But they’re surely demanding a sports bra like the Intel Curie-infused Chromat Aeros. It actually detects the user’s respiration, perspiration and body temperature and responds by opening or closing vents depending on whether it needs to cool down or warm up the wearer.

The futuristic sportswear is composed of mesh, Lycra, neoprene and 3D-printed frames with vents actuated by shape memory alloy. The design of these garments is based on biomimicry, a branch of study which tries to provide solutions to human problems based on nature’s models. MemoryMirror by MemoMi and Intel was also exhibited at the event.

Chromat Aeros Sports Bra

Imagine standing in front of a smart mirror while shopping and trying on clothes virtually! You’ll remember the MemoMi from our previous post about it. As for Intel Curie for wearable tech, it is a low-power module with compute, motion sensors, Bluetooth LE, pattern matching abilities and battery charging capabilities.

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