MemoMi smart mirror device lets you know if your a– looks big in those clothes

If you’d just bother hauling your backside to a retail store, the wonders of technology shall await you in the form of the MemoMi smart mirror which lets you try on clothes virtually. We’re talking about a few years into the future, of course. The mirror in question is currently on trial and it’ll surely take more time before the tech catches on.

In the mean time, there are few arguments against shopping online for those who prefer to conserve their energy and time for other activities. MemoMi stands for Memory Mirror and it lets users throw on a garment virtually and see how it looks on them from every angle. Backed by Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky, the device hides cameras, Intel hardware and so on under the hood.


Would-be buyers will be able to interact with the MemoMi mirror with a little help from the accompanying app on their phone or simply employ body gestures to engage with it. Users will be allowed to pick an outfit to wear, see how it looks on them from a 360-degree angle, change the color, take it off, and put on another one, all virtually (and hygienically, might we add).

People can even share the reflected images over social networks and ask friends for their opinions. The smart mirror has great potential for effective advertising. Imagine standing at the bus stop, seeing the MemoMi showing off a stylish piece of clothing, being able to try it on and order it online then and there, if you like it. But there are limits to what can be sold in this manner.

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Meanwhile in the alternate future, each home has a 3D printer to spit out life-size models of everything from shoes to pants to dresses. Since walking around a shopping mall is the most amount of exercise some folks get, the MemoMi smart mirror is probably not a bad idea at all. Check out how the concept plays out in the YouTube video posted below, if you please.