GamesHow To Develop And Strengthen The Ice Mage Class In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

How To Develop And Strengthen The Ice Mage Class In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

ice mage wowMages belong to the category of the most interesting and not simple characters that only appear in MMO RPGs.

On the one hand, these are heroes with huge single and massive damage using various elements, and on the other hand, they are extremely vulnerable characters with a constant lack of mana and physical armor.

Often, magicians are divided into directions depending on the school of magic they choose, and each path will be decisive for the future development of your character.

Ice is more of a PVP direction, which is aimed at dealing damage to single targets, with the task of doing as much damage as possible from negative effects in the form of slowdowns and completely stopping the enemy with the ability to shoot him from a distance.

To successfully play and develop your magician with the ability to deal strong damage, you need a good staff or orb for attacks, magic armor to increase your mana for procasts and increase physical protection – the weakest part of magic classes. Do not forget about jewelry – a source of magical protection and resistance to negative effects – in the battle of magicians, the one who has more mana and attack relative to the enemy’s defense will win.

It is by accumulating all these items in their best quality – the legendary level – that you can really be a formidable force that affects the outcome of the battle, and not just be a mediocre magician who is killed by archers in a couple of volleys.

To accumulate all of the listed equipment and weapons, you need a lot of gold, or independent efforts to craft and complete raids.

Gold can be obtained through quests, grinding, or you can buy gold on sites like

Who is an Ice Mage in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Ice Mage is one of the most enjoyable classes in World of Warcraft due to high mobility, high damage and a large number of ice elemental skills that are aimed at slowing down, or completely stopping and keeping enemies in one place in PVP and PVE.

This combination of skills works well not only in single leveling in this popular online multiplayer, but also in raids, where you can pretty well reduce the potential of the boss and all his minions, preventing them from doing heavy damage and catching up with the tank and healer in speed.

What has changed for Ice Mage in patch 10.1 in WoW Dragonflight

The Anti-Magic spell that interrupts enemy spell casting and prevents similar spells from being cast for 6 seconds now has 1 second less effect.

Chill Assault, which has a chance to trigger an empowered block of ice strike when using Flurry, now deals 20% more damage.

Comet Storm now deals 10% more damage.

Cone of Cold and Blizzard skills now have a 12% boost instead of 10 per skill charge.

Frozen Orb skill damage is also increased by 8%.

The Brain Freeze talent now increases the total damage to Flurry by 65%.

As you can see, the ice mage has been significantly strengthened even since the start of a major Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft – the class has become even more pleasant in PVP and is good for its large set of skills that combine stable damage and slowdown.

The main advantages and strengths of the Ice Mage class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Strong damage to one and several targets.

A high rate of speed and the ability to slow down the enemy gives him the ability to shoot the enemy without harm to himself.

High damage to all enemies with weak magic defense. Outperforms other classes in damage concentration.

Understandable and predictable outgoing damage to opponents.

High protection rate due to ice and its protection.

A large number of buffing skills for yourself and the group, and debuffing skills for opponents, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of an ice mage in raids, especially at the mythic level.

Weaknesses of the Ice Mage class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Fairly weak damage to secondary targets that are close to the main enemy.

To effectively pump and deal damage in AoE, you need to choose the right talents and skills in your build.

The fight becomes more difficult if there are many targets, but they are far from each other, or maneuver from a distance.

Characteristics and parameters that are important to strengthen for the development of the Mage with the Ice specialization in Dragonflight

ice mage world of warcraftEach character has its own unique characteristics, which radically change its effectiveness when properly identified and developed.

Parameters are often increased through equipment – all the legendary equipment that is suitable for the class gives all the key attributes and additional parameters that will significantly strengthen your hero.


The key parameter for all magic classes, which determines the total damage when using magic, the mana pool and the power of applying skills, the probability of inflicting increased damage. The higher the intelligence relative to the enemy’s magical defense, the more standard damage will pass without taking into account critical attacks and talents for dispersing magic.


As a class that always attacks opponents with skills of varying strength, the Mastery stat will play a key role.

Mastery allows you to increase the probability of passing skills in all their forms – for negative effects, this is the chance of procs, for amplifying ones, this is an additional timer or proc without cooldown.

For offensive skills, this is an increased chance of accurately hitting the enemy, triggering without reloading.


An essential stat for all heroes who care about positioning and keeping their distance in fights, especially against opponents with melee skills.

Speed gives an increase not only to the pace of movement, but also the speed of using magic – the most important parameter that determines how many potential spells a character can release, provided there is enough mana and the necessary skills for skill combinations.

Critical hit

This is a parameter that gives a chance to deal double damage when using skills and normal attacks.

The full potential of classes that use their skills to a greater extent is revealed in the number of skills that will deal critical damage, especially if these are the strongest skills that the class has.

You need to strive to overclock this parameter at the earliest opportunity – purchase equipment and accessories, eat the right food and use potions.


An excellent parameter that evenly increases the attacking and defensive potential of the hero, allowing you to significantly increase the average damage without critical attacks and make damage to enemies more predictable.

It is versatility that determines the difference in damage between two opponents and explains why a lower level player often loses to an opponent with a higher level value, but with lower quality equipment.

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