Have fun with Six Flags Fun Finder iPhone app

Six Flags Fun Finder

Mobile users fond of amusement parks like Six Flags may enjoy using this iPhone app. Well, Six Flags has come up with an app, called Six Flags Fun Finder for iPhones.

This app could partly act like an interactive tour and part thrill guide. It is intended to aid visitors maximize their enjoyment at the park. It delivers several ground-breaking features namely Park Pal, Friend Finder, Social Club and Big Scream, Events Listing and many more.

Angie Vieira Barocas, Six Flags Senior Vice President, Marketing and Entertainment, commented, “This app is like having Six Flags in your pocket. The Fun Finder provides seamless access to all Six Flags experiences and allows users to navigate the park and better connect with friends; it’s the perfect companion for your Six Flags visit.”

In Park Pal, the communicative park map exhibits visitors their precise location in relation to rides, games, entertainment venues, food and retail outlets, ATMs, bathrooms and even characters by means of the iPhone’s GPS facility. The Friend Finder connects users to Facebook Friends who are also accessing the app. This enables the users to chat, view their in-park position and mail in updates to their Facebook pages.

When it comes to Social Club and Big Scream, visitors can select a personally customized interactive park experience to hit upon the most hip spots in the parks and then coordinate to get together with friends. In Events Listing, an inclusive information bank of park events all through the entire season is provided. Also users can know more about each event and keep a reminder to attend them.

The Six Flags Fun Finder app can be downloaded for no charge from the Apple App Store.