Handgrip iPhone charger: charge your iPhones with swing

Handgrip iPhone charger

Yanko designer Mac Funamizu created a unique accessory for iPhones, the Handgrip iPhone charger. It charges your iPhones without any electrical energy. Now you need not carry your iPhone chargers with you every time nor do you need to search for a plug in place.

Charging phones was never so fun, the iPhone charger charges itself with each and every swing made with it. You will enjoy this if you love playing golf. It uses the kinetic energy of your swing to charge the iPhone. It will provide an extra additional golf practice while you charge your mobile phones. Besides charging there is another application inherited in it. With this added application the golf player will be able to check their swing action so that they can improve their skills further.

The creator says that “Swing this many times and you get some electricity to charge your iPhone. This time, its motion sensor sends your form data to your iPhone so that you can see your own golf swing animated.”

If you feel like playing golf just swing your self with this charger. The details on its availability and pricing are not yet known.