ApplegridMob new Lady Gaga iOKi iPhone app brings ultimate karaoke experience

gridMob new Lady Gaga iOKi iPhone app brings ultimate karaoke experience

IOki App In collaboration with Interscope’s famous artist Lady Gaga, gridMob brings a new application that delivers unmatched karaoke experience to iPhone users. Lady Gaga associated with gridMob to create a customized version of iOki that offers karaoke anywhere.

Besides enjoying karaoke, users can browse through a wide variety of songs and purchase them right from their application. Lady Gaga iOKi comes with four special Lady Gaga karaoke tracks that feature four popular recordings along with the latest “Bad Romance” from the upcoming album “Fame Monster”.

“iOKi puts a world-class karaoke experience right in your pocket – one that industry-leading artists, labels and publishers are getting behind,” said Les Borsai, founder of gridMob. “Lady Gaga is the perfect artist to launch with. She’s a pioneer in her art and now she’s breaking ground again as the first to deliver a very different entertainment experience that extends her music and fashion in a completely new way.”

gridMob claims to be the first company to blend the world’s best music libraries with a completely functional and portable karaoke machine that users can carry in their pocket. iOKi serves as a new platform for content distribution and artist promotion. Besides offering new opportunities to artists and interactive and original content to music lovers, it allows music publishers to expand their market reach and release their content catalogs in a karaoke format. With these capabilities, content catalogs will be available for immediate purchase to many iPhone users across the globe.

Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter said, “The Lady Gaga Karaoke app is a great way for her fans to experience the music in a non-traditional way. We constantly look for new ways that allow her community of fans to interact with each other with the music as the centerpiece, and gridMob nailed it.”

To bring its new karaoke track store for the iPhone, gridMob collaborated with Disney Music Group for the original master recording and publishing, music publishers including EMI Entertainment World, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music and Chrysalis Music Publishing along with record label Interscope and karaoke soundalikes company SBI America.

The iOki app allows users to effortlessly search their favorite karaoke song library by artist, song title, era, genre, gender or album title. The iOKi store frequently updates its wide collection of songs and brings legendary hits from genres like crooners, pop, rock, country, show tunes, hip-hop, folk, ballads, indie, emo and more, from 1950 till date.
Tracks can also be searched on the basis of popularity and new releases. Users can enjoy songs with iOKi’s easy setup and a headset microphone along with Lady Gaga’s images sliding behind the words.

Users can keep in touch with their friends with popular social networking sites. iOKi community feature can link to Twitter accounts that allow other users to know about various performances. Lady Gaga iOKi can be purchased for US $4.99 through the Apple iTunes App store later this month. It supports languages like English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. New versions of iOKi with other top rated artists will be available later this year while support for other social sites is expected to release in future.

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