AppleBelkin unveils new stylish cases for iPhone 3GS

Belkin unveils new stylish cases for iPhone 3GS

Cinema Sleeves Belkin showcases new iPhone 3GS cases. These new accessories come with eye-catching design and new features. With classy designs and various color combinations, these cases help users by protecting their precious iPhones.

Belkin offers different categories of trendy cases for the iPhone 3GS. Belkin releases Cinema sleeves that come with a kick-stand for viewing multimedia content. It provides complete access to controls, dock connector and the device’s touchscreen to offer enhanced user experience. The new Pull tab for the iPhone boasts of rich-quality leather case with a retractable secure Closure strap for ultimate protection. The Pull tab Vue comes with a compact window to view incoming calls and time, effortlessly. The iPhone X1 LTHR SLV with Clip, iPhone X1 LTHR FOLIO, iPhone X1 LTHR SLIM FIT with Pull Tab, the iPhone X1 LTHR HOLSTER Horizontal and the iPhone X1 LTHR HOLSTER Horizontal with Pull Tab are offered in Black color. These cases are retailed at MRP of Rs. 1,190 each.

“Belkin cases are a perfect blend of features, functions, style and patterns. With these Belkin cases, we intend to target the consumer needs rather than continually shifting trends”, said Mohit Anand, Managing Director, Belkin India. “Belkin cases are all ready to dress up your expensive gadgets in all its style and with advanced features, safety of your valuable is ensured” he added.

For style freaks, Belkin offers colorful cases that allow users to text, play games, and surf the web smoothly. The iPhone X1 HALO case is offered in two different versions. iPhone X1 HALO Black comes with anti-bacterial feature while the iPhone X1 HALO Red comes without this special feature. These three cases are retailed at Rs. 1273 each. Belkin also brings the iPhone X1 ERGO SLCN that is available for MRP of Rs. 1,591 in Dark Blue and Red colors. These cases are available at all LFRs and major resellers.

Belkin brings Silicone sleeve with textured design that offers smooth grip. The iPhone X1 VECTOR SLCN SLV is offered in Black/Clear, Black/Pink and Black/Blue colors while the iPhone X1 CURVE SLV and the iPhone X1 SHIFT SLV are offered in Black/Translucent and White colors. These cases can be purchased for MRP of Rs. 1, 273 each.

The Cinema case equips a durable kickstand that is inside the plastic cabinet case for convenient viewing of movies and video clips. It offers full access to buttons, screen and connectors. The iPhone X1 CINEMA case is offered in Black/Silver, Garnet/ Black and Dark Blue/ Gray combinations. This case is priced at Rs. 1, 190.

Belkin also offers ultimate protection with polycarbonate case without the added bulk. The new case comes with U-Flex design that allows easy removal of iPhone from the case. It slips easily in pockets. The iPhone X1 MICRA FLEX is a case with Anti-Bacterial feature, available in Black and Garnet colors. It can be purchased for Rs. 1, 273.

With different styles, colors and patterns, these cases ensure protection of the iPhone 3GS. All these cases are backed by a one year warranty.

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