Google Wallet for Android and iOS updated with online orders tracking system

Google Wallet for Android as well as iOS has been updated and its subscribers in the US will now be able to track their online orders from this application itself. It comes across as a useful function for those who constantly worry about their items and are unable to keep a track of them.

The new Orders feature of Google Wallet has a couple of other advantages as well. These include the app’s ability to send notifications to keep you posted about the status of your orders and another thing is that it makes all your purchases available to you on a single page. Thus, you will always know whether you order has been delayed or shipped for delivery.

Google Wallet

On updating the application, you will be able to see all your receipts sent to Gmail in Google Wallets. And the Mountain View-based company says that it has partnered with some package carriers in the US so as to notify you regarding the status of the delivery. Along with past purchases, it will make details about the products, sellers’ contact information and shipping details available to you right in the app. Contacting the seller from the application itself has also been facilitated.

The updated Google Wallet application is now available for Android device running version 4.0 or later and Apple gadgets based on iOS 6.0 or higher from Google Play and iTunes, respectively. Make sure you activate ‘track your orders’ in the menu to get the said notifications.