GoogleGoogle Play to allow purchasing and renting digital textbooks

Google Play to allow purchasing and renting digital textbooks

Google Play textbooks are here finally. We may all have had to face the burden of heavy backpacks stuffed with multiple books, not to mention the tedious job of keeping track of each copy. Forget about dog ears, silverfish (read bookworms) and doodling now.

Students can hop to the app store to find the titles they need stacked in the Books segment. On its official Android blog, the company has said that it has collaborated with a number of publishing partners to cover subjects such as English, science, mathematics and history. The service is a cloud-based system, accumulating all the relevant textbooks under one roof.

Google Play Digital Textbooks

Apart from acquainting Android and iOS devices with this addition, the search leader has revealed that the Books app complements the service by providing the necessary tools for studying. This covers a number of functions ranging from highlighting content and bookmarking pages to conducting searches within a book. The utility also serves as a medium to acquire translations and word definitions, while rendering access to Wikipedia and the company’s search engine.

Not only can the digital textbooks be purchased through the app store, but they can also rented in case users feel they will not need the titles after approximately six months. The introduction can be considered a very useful one since the Mountain View folks have stated that it can reduce the overall cost of buying books by up to 80 percent. Last we checked, the latest feature hasn’t been made available to students in India.

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