SoftwareFirefox Home App makes iPhone its new abode

Firefox Home App makes iPhone its new abode

Firefox Home app

Users who enjoy Mozilla on their desktop PCs, have a reason to smile as they can now access a similar experience on their portable handsets as well. The official Mozilla blog reveals that the Firefox Home app is now out, enabling millions of iPhone users to access content on their desktop’s home page. With Apple at last agreeing to home Firefox in the form of an app, internet surfers can now sync-in and check out their bookmarked sites, desktop history and open tabs on their handsets.

On installing the Firefox sync, users may now synchronize their data from the desktop to the cloud so that the app can utilize the handset owner’s browser data. By accessing the desktop data, Firefox Home enables web surfers to browse in a fast and proficient way. The data is well-protected and can only be accessed by the creator. iPhone users can check out all the tabs that are open on the PC.

Firefox Home allows users to access their desktop content in various ways. They can go through all the sites in the app or can even open them on Safari’s mobile browser. Additionally, it enables them to share the content with their colleagues or friends through emails. The Awesome Bar lets surfers type in their desired content with the bar taking them to the favorite and significant sites. With this app, users may access their usual online data on the smartphone effortlessly, just the way they do it via a PC.

The Firefox Home app can be downloaded for free from the Apple iTunes Store.

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