Apple'Ask the Octopus Oracle' app now helps iPhone users choose

‘Ask the Octopus Oracle’ app now helps iPhone users choose

Ask the Octopus

After crystal gazing, palm reading, tarot cards, talking parrots and all other soothsaying means, Paul took the world in a jiffy with its famous FIFA predictions. uTouchLabs recently debuted the ‘Ask the Octopus Oracle’ app for the iPhone crystal ball. Many tarot card readers saw a new a competition gearing up for them in the near future with Paul becoming famous.

Users may judge the octopus’ clairvoyance, by offering two options and allowing it to randomly select one. People who are always confused about ‘if this alternative is better or that’ can now smile in relief. ‘Ask the Octopus Oracle’ app appears to be an amusing and intuitive way to select from two options. Users may now consult the octopus augur if they should wear a dress or a skirt, eat pasta or noodles, cheer for team A or team B, or anything else.

Touted to already be popular, the app requires 2.6MB space to settle in. The offering is said to be already downloaded in more than 60 countries after its launch on July 14, 2010. The ‘Ask the Octopus Oracle’ app just charges $0.99 and can be reached at the App Store.

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