Homerun Battle 3D Gaming App revealed for Android, iPhone and BADA

Homerun Battle 3D iPhone users were recently treated with a highly addictive Paddle Pong game which allowed them to recollect their sweet memories of their old school game. Now, Com2uS has rolled out the Homerun Battle 3D App for iPhone, Android and BADA users.

Designed to offer complete entertainment for long hours, the new gaming app comes up as a simple baseball game which targets mainly on hitting the ball over the fence. The gameplay of the app has an upper hand as it combines the simplicity of Homerun Battle 3D with real time on-line competition.

Gaming enthusiasts can now easily play with each other and enjoy a truly engaging game experience. With the help of the same server on a real time basis, Android users can play against many other iPhone users. The game has added BADA users to the current striking competition. The Homerun Battle 3D game claims to be the first offering where gamers can play against each other on iOS, Android and BADA platforms.

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The Homerun Battle 3D app is available for $4.99 through the Android Market and the App store.