Family Tracker application 2.1 finds its way to iPhone

Family Tracker Users concerned about their loved ones and want to know their whereabouts will rejoice with this piece of news. Previously, LogSat enticed users with the Family Tracker application. Now, the company has released an update to this application which will allow users to find their loved ones with much more ease.

The updated version enhances the GPS accuracy while using the ‘Driving Only’ mode. The issue of hindering the badge number displayed on the application’s icon has also been cleared. Other than iPhone, this application also works on the iPod touch and iPad.

For those unaware, the Family Tracker application enables users to track their family members using the iPhone. With the use of web or iPhone, trackers can ‘ping’ the other device effortlessly by sending them an ‘Apple Push Notification’. As soon as they acknowledge the alert, the GPS capabilities record the location and updates users on the map. In case members ignore the warning, then automatically the notifications are re-sent in every 60 seconds until they are acknowledged.

The Family Tracker 2.1 version application can be purchased at a price of $3.99 on iTunes through iTunes.